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Dr. Daniel A. Moreno

Greetings! I am an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Missouri State University's Cooperative Engineering Program, with a Courtesy Appointment at Missouri University of Science & Technology (MS&T). Presently, I teach the thermal sciences courses for the MS&T degree in Mechanical Engineering on Missouri State's campus.


My research aims to integrate engineering and related disciplines to solve challenges in water and energy. I'm very passionate about exploring innovative, reliable energy resources to foster a cleaner environment and eliminating harmful atmospheric emissions.  Please feel free to look around and see my research, teaching, and service, and some side projects that I've been actively pursuing.


5/22/24 - Dr. Moreno's independent project, "Theoretical performance optimization of enzymatic electrochemical CO2 reduction to formate: Voltage, concentration, temperature, pressure, and flow rate" has just been published in the Journal of CO2 Utilization. Check it out

5/20/24 - Welcome new undergraduate students Stone Simpson and Ryan Ellis to the lab for Summer 2024!

5/13/24 - Congratulations to Master's student Jared Shortt, who has just been selected to participate in the NASA-Missouri Space Grant Consortium’s 2024 Summer Internship and Fellowship Program, as a graduate intern. Jared will be working in Dr. Moreno's lab in Summer 2024, working on advanced modeling of lithium-ion batteries under different cycling and temperature conditions.

5/10/24 - A big congratulaations to all current and former students from the Moreno Lab who graduated from MSU or MS&T today: Niklas and David for Master’s degrees, and Hunter, Pablo, Devon, and Grant for bachelor's degrees. Wishing you all the best going forward!

5/3/24 - Congratulations to Hunter on passing all of his PHY 486 requirements, on his work titled, "Experimentally Investigating the Thermodynamic Adsorption Limits of Carbon-Based Electrodes for Capacitive Deionization (CDI)"!

5/3/24 - Congratulations to David on his final Master's project presentation, titled "Predicting Aging of Li-Ion Batteries"!

4/29/24 - Congratulations to Emily on passing her PHY 386 presentation!

4/25/24 - Great work from Gavin on his poster for the CNAS Undergraduate research symposium titled, "The Effects of Temperature and Pressure on the Electrochemical Production of Formic Acid".

4/19/24 - Congratulations to Emily for presenting her work done over the past year, "Large Temperature-Range Physical Model to Predict Li-Ion Battery Performance", at the Annual NASA Missouri Space Grant Consortium at Missouri S&T. Dr. Moreno also used the opportunity to stock up on a lot of gear to fit with the dual affiliation of both schools. Yay Miner Bears!

4/11/24 - Huge congratulations to Niklas Landgraf on defending his Master's thesis titled, "Gas Evolution of a Ni-Zn Cell". Impressive results stemming from this work  and no doubt will your contributions continue to serve Dr. Moreno's lab and students going forward!

3/7/24 - Hunter has attended and presented on his work in experimental CDI research at the 2024 March American Physical Society (APS) Meeting in Minneapolis.

2/29/24 - Niklas and Pablo have attended and presented their battery-related research at the Annual Missouri Center for Advanced Power (MOCAP) Summit. This year it was held at University of Missouri in Columbia. Our engineering program's director, Dr. Theresa Odun-Ayo, also made an appearance.

1/21/24 - It has been another gap in posting here, so quite a number of new announcements from the Fall 2023 semester:

  • Dr. Moreno has attended and presented at the ASME IMECE 2023 Meeting in New Orleans. This work consisted of experimental and computational CDI research carried out primarily by students in the lab, and is the first presentation of work conducted solely in the Moreno Lab by undergraduates. Huge thanks to Pablo, Devon, Hunter, and Grant for all of your contributions!

  • Pablo has been selected as the MOCAP Undergraduate Research Scholar.

  • Dr. Moreno has received a NASA space grant for the 2023-2024 academic year. This work will investigate temperature variations in lithium-batteries for a large range of temperatures for space applications. Emily is being funded from this project.

  • Hunter is back this semester for his PHY 486 class project. He will also be presenting at the American Physical Society (APS) meeting in March.

  • (likely the least important announcement here, but only as a follow-up...) Yes, I completed Pikmin 4. Learned about the wonderful art of Dandori along the way, "the art of organizing your tasks strategically and working efficiently to execute your plans." So hopefully we can use it this year!

10/4/23 - Wow, a lot to update from what's happened since this past summer! Let's see where to start... research projects have gone well this summer, attended ASME POWER again in August (this time in Long Beach, CA), submitted two proposals in September, and several new/continuing research projects in the fall. Welcome Emily Rapp to the lab, who will be working on modeling of lithium-ion batteries for low-tempreature applications. ToTK has been put on hold for now but hoping to get to Pikmin 4 by the end of the year.

6/29/23 - Lab Members page added with bios on the current research students this summer! Also, finally opened Tears of the Kingdom. Hoping that it doesn't get too distracting, as there is just too much work to do!

6/12/23 - Massive updates incoming! Just got back from the Electrochemical Society Conference in Boston, and definitely have some new ideas for the future of the lab and other academic interests of mine. Research page has been significantly revamped to better reflect the current work of the lab, and a members page is being added to highlight the contributions of the individual students. More updates to follow later this week!

5/2/23 - Wow, has it really been an entire semester since I've last updated this site? Well, it's not that there hasn't been a lot going on - in fact, there has - I've just been thinking a lot about the main messages that I want for this website of mine to deliver. My students and I have been hard at work, and have begun with presenting some of our new research. We have now pivoted more towards more research on batteries. But I want this to be more than just a research website. I want to emphasize the values I have in my faculty career, and also just show the kind of person I am besides just this work. (Yes, I'm getting the new Zelda game) So, I hope to do a fair amount of revision on here during the summer, hopefully mostly during this month of May.

12/15/22 - Dr. Moreno has received a Summer Faculty Fellowship through the Graduate College at Missouri State University. Exciting future research opportunities lie ahead!

11/28/22 - Various updates from the fall semester. Lab space in PCTR has been completed and is up and running. Dr. Moreno has given two talks on his CDI research, one to the PAMS (Physics, Astronomy, Materials Science) department at Missouri State University, and another to the department of Chemical Engineering at University of Missouri (Mizzou). Dr. Moreno's research is expanding to also look at the performance of various types of battery chemistries.

8/20/22 - Wow, hard to believe that the summer is over. A lot of work still be done, but overall quite happy with was able to get done during this time! I'm proud to say that my new lab space has now been finished and is in operation! Pictures and updates to come soon!

6/28/22 - Proud to announce the first publication since having started at Missouri State University. Check it out: Electrochemical analysis of charge mediator product composition through transient model and experimental validation | SpringerLink

4/11/22 - Dr. Moreno will be traveling later this summer! Trips planned include: Washington D.C. to reconnect with fellows from the NSF ACADEME program attended in 2019, Vancouver to present at ECS, and Pittsburgh to present at ASME Power. 

2/14/22 - Wow, a long time since my last update and as such a lot that will come with it. Well, new CV added, and a few new publications/conference papers are in the works. I'm proud to say that I've new received some external travel grant funding for assistance in attending these conferences, and the research lab is now beginning to grow!

9/15/21 - New CV uploaded to reflect my new position!


8/30/21 - Just started my position at Missouri State University this month. I am teaching two thermodynamics classes this fall, as well as commencing work on my research lab. I will be re-formatting some parts of this site to more accurately reflect this position.


5/16/2021 - Today I'm honored to share that I will be joining the College of Natural and Applied Sciences at Missouri State University as a tenure-track faculty in Mechanical Engineering this fall! I look forward to contributing at MSU through my teaching, research, and service. More updates on this to follow...


3/25/2021 - Finally back. Some updates to the CV, a new conference paper submitted to Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT-15) , updated research figures.


3/1/2021 - Wow, it's the one-year anniversary, I can't believe it! Admittedly I didn't get as much done this year as I had hoped, but I'm sure that it's been a rough year for everyone with all that's going on. Still, I'm impressed with the progress that I've made in my career journey, and hope to be able to share more of that later this year. A few more updates coming soon...


2/16/21 - Wow, it sure has been a while again! The holiday break was definitely relaxing, caught up on a lot of old books and video games I've been meaning to get to. But in addition to that, I'm proud to say that I've been on the job market over the past few months! Anything's definitely still possible at this point, and regardless of the outcome I'm planning to write/compile a bit about my experience in the hopes that it can help future prospective faculty in their process. Also, new CV updated again.


11/22/20 - A few additional edits to the site. Updated CV again, included new conferences presented at this year, some small aesthetic changes.


11/16/20 - Presenting at the Annual AIChE Conference this week! Virtual, of course. Definitely some interesting research to learn about and new people to connect with.


10/25/20 - A lot's been happening in this past summer and fall. Two main updates: (1) New CV uploaded, to reflect the jobs that I'm applying for this season (!), and (2) excited to have participated in UC Berkeley's ME Rising Stars virtual workshop earlier this month! Great community of professors and other postdocs/students. Definitely a lot of new info to think about...


7/8/20 - Hey, look who's finally back. Mobile version of my site has finally been cleaned up, hooray. CV has been updated to reflect a few additional research items I've completed this year. Paper still underway, though now with some new experimental results. I've also been making a great deal of progress on my side projects, can't wait to share some of it on here later this summer. And finally, I will be presenting a poster at a virtual conference at Oak Ridge later this month... should be an interesting and enriching learning experience.


5/16/20 - Whoa, has it really been 2.5 months after launching the site without updates? Well, quarantining during COVID has certainly skewed some of my academic plans, but I have been able to continue working on a few things. Among those include working on a new paper and some updates on my side projects/hobbies.

3/1/20 - Launch of website!

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