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Dr. Moreno teaches the classes in the thermal sciences for the Co-op engineering program at Missouri State, for the degree in Mechanical Engineering at Missouri University of Science & Technology (MS&T): ME 2519 (Thermodynamics), ME 3521 (Applied Thermodynamics), and ME 3525 (Heat Transfer). This is the first time that these classes have been developed on the Springfield campus, with the primary goal in mind to contribute to a robust ME curriculum that can equip students with the tools and motivation for their future endeavors.

My philosophy on teaching consists of three key components:

(1) Direct interaction to maintain student participation

(2) Incorporating both technical and non-technical (real-world) examples that students can relate to

(3) Enabling students the ability to delve deeper into topics of the course that pique their interest


I’m proud to share with you here a few teaching samples I’ve given and demonstrated on various topics in Mechanical Engineering. I try to make my own style of teaching through frequent interaction with students and connections both technical and non-technical (“real-world”) applications students might come across. I’ve also included some slides from a presentation I’ve given a few years back, on my philosophy on teaching. Enjoy!

If interested, samples of my teaching content from MSU/MS&T can be shared and discussed upon request. Please contact me privately at or for more information.

Thermodynamics: Introduction to EES (Engineering Equation Solver) for Thermal System Design

Completed as part of Ph.D. Teaching Practicum at Georgia Tech.

Fluid Mechanics: Introduction and Key Properties/System Parameters

Completed as part of Tech to Teaching certificate at Georgia Tech.

Heat Transfer: Heat Transfer Fins

Completed as part of NSF-sponsored workshop for aspiring faculty at Mississippi State.

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